This is a Walker Evans photograph taken in the winter of 1938 as he rode the New York subways.Take some time to read the text, if you can, as I believe the work of this photographer and his friend the great american writer, James Agee can help us deal with the America...

John Baldessari, an artist/painter and educator has given us some helpful advice with this painting and if you stick to these simple rules you will enhance your chances of making a living from selling your work.

So, you're twenty, thirty, maybe forty years old and you hear the old folks talking about the "Good Old Days".

You think, yeah, they're always talking about the good old days.

But what if it was that rare time in America when our hopes and dreams could actually be realiz...

I have a rule to only place current work on my blog but as the saying goes: "Rules are made to be broken". I'm posting a photograph from 2004 that may resonate with some people, especially today.

On a road trip through Arizona I passed by these teepees on Route 66. I had never seen them for real but they were a big part of my childhood memories of the American Southwest. In posters they always had the old cars from the 50's parked out front. After a quick u-tur...

I believe this photograph is technically and aesthetically remarkable. The color of her eye with the blue/green and browns that work so well together is simply beautiful! Of course, the mascara helps everything "pop" as it adds contrast against the white of her eye and...

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