It's hard to get away from it all. This photograph was taken in our hotel room in Nice, France in April 2001. I remember being amazed then that this Philips TV was exactly the same model as my TV at home in California and it was the reason I took the photograph. In the...

La Chiquita Grocery Store in the neighborhood paying tribute to World War II veterans, especially those who live or lived in the Logan neighborhood. In Southern California we've gotten along for a very long time. Mural by Carlos Aguilar.

In Southern California we've been getting along for a very long time.

Here's ten people and a dog hovering around a back to school sale on a downtown city street. Mom is holding her world together (barely). She's a "one woman band" out shopping and on the phone while restraining the family dog and watching the baby all at the same time....

January 25, 2017

Noun1.vernacular art - a genre of art and outdoor construction made by an untrained artist who does not recognize him/herself as an  artist, a form/type of

naive art, outsider art, primitive...

From a block away I spotted the old red, white and blue through the crowds in downtown Long Beach, California. Now I'm as patriotic as most Americans and I did serve for four years so it annoyed me to see our flag displayed this way, you know... in a bucket. So I moved...

January 1, 2017

On my third cup of coffee this morning (to get going on this first day of 2017), I thought it would be a good time to post my photograph made inside Gaudi's famous masterwork-in-progress... La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. I stood in this incredible place taking...

December 21, 2016

I have always had a great interest in modern architecture and worked with some very good architects photographing their creations for brochures, advertisements and catalogs. Frank Gehry (a Los Angeles guy) is one of the great ones of our time, but unfortunately I never...

December 12, 2016

My wife and I recently returned from a tour of northern Spain. Our group visited the renowned ninth century Montserrat Monastery high in the mountains north of Barcelona. In some free time I decided to split off from the main tour group to explore on my own. Near the t...

December 6, 2016

When you're out shooting on the street you just never know what you'll find, if anything. I had walked about five miles when I came across these girls. I grabbed the shot as fast as I could knowing my presence alone would change things instantly. And it did. They spott...

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