Hello there, I'm Del Ryder and this is my first post so wish me luck! If you want, you can learn more about me by checking out my "about" page at www.delryder.com but for now I'll fill you in just a little bit. I entered photography through the fine art door and exhibited work in 24 different shows in galleries and museums over an eight year period. I then decided to go professional and opened my studio for commercial photography. I worked on national and international advertising campaigns for some very large corporations for several years. After many years of some hard and very challenging work, I decided it was time to close the business, relax and, you know, take time to smell the roses. After about four months, I got really bored smelling those roses. As the author Wayne Dyer has written about many times in his books, I found that I still have more music left in me yet. The urge to get back into photography for purely artist reasons began to grow. I admit it took quite a bit of processing to get past the idea of making money from this new adventure. I now just want to have some fun with all the photographic skills I've learned over the years. When I post images on this blog I hope to add to the "Artistic Conversation" by talking a little bit about the images I make. I plan on collaborating with other creative people to bring some new ideas to life in beautiful photographs. Please feel free to contact me if you are a model, designer, or a photographer's assistant.

As I mentioned earlier, my website is in its beginning stages, but for now I"d love for you to take a look at some of my work. I will be adding to it on a regular basis. In the past couple of months I've been getting some new work prepared and one piece will be shown at the Huntington Beach Art Center. I will be attending the opening for the exhibit "Rhythm, Sound and Music" scheduled for Saturday, July 23rd at 6 pm. in beautiful downtown Huntington Beach. Please join me if you're in the area. The exhibit is scheduled from July 23rd to August 27th 2016.

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