Amazing Light

The Riviera Maya in Mexico is a beautiful place. The weather and light always seem to be on the move. The sky can be cloudless one minute and the next you might see dark clouds on the horizon leaving only a couple of minutes to take cover before the rain hits.

The woman in the foreground of this photograph is my wife. As she was wading out toward the other swimmers the skies began to darken near the horizon as a rainstorm headed our way. I noticed that the light in the sky began to focus on the water like a studio spotlight. I grabbed my camera and ran to the edge of the water for a better crop. Photographers often call this activity "zooming by running". I took a shot every time I noticed the light dimming and the shot above is the darkest it got before the lighting effect flattened out and faded away. It was magical moment.... a once in a lifetime event where you're really glad you didn't leave your camera in the room.

This photograph was taken with my favorite combination of camera and lens... a 35mm Nikon with a 50mm normal lens. I have wide angles, telephotos and zooms but have always preferred the 50. When it absolutely can't be done with a 50 I'll go to a 35 for wide or 85 for telephoto. It's just the way I see things.

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