Four hundred miles on 66 straight through the California desert into Arizona in one day. Nothing much to see out there except rocks, lizards and buzzards looking for their next meal.

When it's 118 degrees and you've got a broken AC you drive fast with the windows wide open. The wind chill did knock it down to around 92 or so, though.

Road trips are way more fun when you just go. Let your dog take YOU for a walk instead of the other way around to see what I mean. Too bad dogs can't drive. What a trip that would be.

Take my advice and you might get a room like this one. Call it an "authentic" experience. I was reminded of what Jack Kerouac wrote many years ago.

"that crazy feeling in America when the sun is

hot on the street and the music is coming out

of the jukebox..."

Yeah, it was great to be lost in America... once again.

#California #StreetPhotography #FineArtPhotography #Photographer

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