Promising Photographer?

When you're out shooting on the street you just never know what you'll find, if anything. I had walked about five miles when I came across these girls. I grabbed the shot as fast as I could knowing my presence alone would change things instantly. And it did. They spotted my camera and asked if I was a professional photographer. I thought they would ask me to take a shot of all three of them with their camera but it turned out that the young woman with the camera was working on an assignment from a photography course at the local high school. She asked for a few photo tips which I gave her. However, what she really needed to preserve saturated color in the sunset behind the two girls and hold detail in the shadows was a couple of fill boards and an assistant to hold them or a flash to fill in the shadows that would form on her subjects. Realizing she had none of those things and not wanting to put a damper on her day, I reminded myself that some folks do like total silhouettes and went on my way.

Experience really counts when you need to shoot fast and that is what street photography is all about. I like the movement created by the diagonals in this shot but I also like it for another reason... it reminds me of where my life in photography began.

#FineArtPhotography #StreetPhotography #SouthernCalifonia #OrangeCounty

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