An Inspiring Encounter

My wife and I recently returned from a tour of northern Spain. Our group visited the renowned ninth century Montserrat Monastery high in the mountains north of Barcelona. In some free time I decided to split off from the main tour group to explore on my own. Near the top of the mountain I came across this cat walking slowly along a wall at the edge of a steep cliff. As I approached to take a photograph he stopped and sat down. He had a badly damaged right eye and part of his nose was missing. The top sections of both ears were gone as well as the last inch or so of his tail. He wore the scars of battle proudly. I took three shots before he went on his way this being the best one. Montserrat Monastery is an inspiration to thousands of visitors every year but it was ironic that my inspiration came from meeting this amazing creature.

#FineArtPhotography #SouthernCalifonia #ArtisticPhotographer #OrangeCounty

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