Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain

I have always had a great interest in modern architecture and worked with some very good architects photographing their creations for brochures, advertisements and catalogs. Frank Gehry (a Los Angeles guy) is one of the great ones of our time, but unfortunately I never had the pleasure of working with him. When my wife proposed a vacation to northern Spain with a visit to the Guggenheim Bilbao I was definitely in. The photograph I took is only a small section of the museum but my reason for showing this view instead of the whole museum was because it was so amazing how he worked this HUGE structure made of titanium steel cladding into the surrounding city landscape and the Nervion River. Titanium reflects the light in a beautifully nuanced way. Another fascinating aspect was Gehry's use of steel in a city whose economy was once based on steel manufacturing and fabrication. A city in steep economic decline as a result of cheaper imported steel has been reborn as the vibrant cultural center of northern Spain and an international destination as a result of Gehry's genius.

#FineArtPhotography #SouthernCalifonia #Bilbao #Spain

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