2017 ECLIPSE, Huntington Beach, CA

About a year ago I started thinking about flying to Charleston, S.C. to see the eclipse pass over the city and fly out over the Atlantic Ocean. As I began to look into the project I learned that hotels in the area started booking out in 2009. There went my three for one idea... see the total eclipse, see my brother who was willing to meet me in Charleston, and hit a few of the finest restaurants in the city. I was bummed.

I'm a photographer so a week or so ago I started looking into the possibility of shooting the eclipse here in Southern California. I looked on the internet to check what kind of gear would be necessary to shoot this spectacle safely and effectively. As I suspected, you need big guns. I'd have to buy a bunch of stuff that would never be used again in the kind of photography I normally do. I was bummed again.

I sat around this morning thinking about how I hate to be bummed. Then it dawned on me that I needed to try something simple rather than loose out on all the excitement of this occasion. Something is greater than nothing, after all. At 10:15 I ran up to our upper deck and started shooting with my cell phone held high over my head in selfie mode into a cloudy sky. When the eclipse passed I had 20 shots and only once was the sun not behind a cloud. I got it. I wasn't bummed anymore and I think the shot is really cool because it doesn't look like any eclipse shot I have ever seen. I'm real happy about how this turned out because it confirms the way I think about the importance of creativity, presence and spontaneity in photography.

#FineArtPhotographyLosAngeles #SouthernCalifornia #OrangeCounty #HuntingtonBeach

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